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We help University of Alabama student athletes prepare for & transition to post-athletic careers


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Preparing Athletes Since 1981

Founded in 1981 by a group of former University of Alabama football players, with the help of legendary Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, The 1st & Ten Club of Alabama assists student-athletes in preparing for and transitioning to post-athletic careers. Current membership includes former athletes, alumni, and friends of the University. We serve to guide student-athletes who give so much of themselves to athletic programs at the University of Alabama.

The Goal

Our efforts are geared toward educating student-athletes prior to their departure from the Capstone. We provide them the opportunity to learn about different career fields, talk with professionals who participate in varied marketplaces and industries, and networking long before the beginning of their post-athletic careers. 

Hundreds of Athletes Helped

I thought football was the only thing I’d be doing with my life. I wasn’t prepared when it was all taken away my senior year due to a concussion. The 1st and Ten Club of Alabama was there to help provide me with a plan B and a new perspective!

Alphonse Taylor

“The 1st & Ten Club was extremely valuable to me in a number of ways, but most importantly it taught me that there are people who genuinely cared about my future beyond the playing field. I stayed in touch with the people I met through the 1st & Ten, and after my football career was over, I was able to find a career that I am still in today. And if I ever decided to do something different, I believe I would be able to continue to use these relationships as a resource for my future.”

Cory Reamer

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