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We help University of Alabama student athletes prepare for & transition to post-athletic careers


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1st & Ten allowed me to continue the vision that I had for my life after college. And that vision was for me to find a career that would allow me to impact people by developing and sharing leadership strategies.

Brandon Gibson

1st & Ten Club has been instrumental in my professional development and improving my networking acumen.  My first career out of college was a direct result of a 1st & Ten Club event, and when I wanted to change career paths, my first call was to a friend in the club.  It has so impacted my life that I am now an active member of 1st & Ten!

Ben Howell

“Even though I’m still in the League, I stay in contact with the 1st & Ten Club so that when my playing career is over, I’ll have a jump on my next career.”

Chance Warmack

“The 1st & Ten Club was extremely valuable to me in a number of ways, but most importantly it taught me that there are people who genuinely cared about my future beyond the playing field. I stayed in touch with the people I met through the 1st & Ten and after my football career was over, I was able to find a career that I am still in today. And if I ever decided to do something different, I believe I would be able to continue to use these relationships as a resource for my future.”

Cory Reamer

I thought football was the only thing I’d be doing with my life. I wasn’t prepared when it was all taken away my senior year due to a concussion. The 1st and Ten Club of Alabama was there to help provide me with a plan B and a new perspective!.”

Alphonse Taylor

Time constraints for University of Alabama student-athletes are serious. Balancing athletics, academics, social life while planning for life after football is a frequently overlooked issue. For me, 1st & Ten was the support for finding my career after sports. Through their network of alumni and professionals, 1st & Ten provided me the opportunity to network and interview with quality firms, ultimately accepting a great position in my chosen career.”

Daniel Skehan

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